My EGF avatars in reverse order:

("The end of the journey")


("Der Schrei der Natur by Edvard Munch - litho print version")

("Oh my! That's so lewd!")

("It's my intention not to see you again")

("I don't know what it means to be grown-up")

(Everybody finds love... in the end)

(Utsuo's not yet quite sure what a girl is...)

(Celebrating Radio Eva at 10)

(Such an angelic fascinator you're wearing, Shinji!)

("Suki da, Yano")

("It was yourself you ran away from")

(Why do I have to deal with these Titans as well as Angels?)

(Why shouldn't a healthy young man be naked at home?)

(Sad, sad Shinji...)

(Preparing for dual piloting)

(Don't take Rei!)

(How this forum's moderation currently makes Shinji feel)

(Shinji feels oddly embarrassed sharing a bath with Kaworu)

(When stressed, Shinji likes to stargaze)

(Will Ardent's guilt reach Shinji-like levels?)

(Why should I? Why?)

(Time for Shinji to get his own back for a change)

(Shinji feels a chill as his country turns inward and embraces Brexit)

(I can dream of Shinji being at ease with the world, right?)

(Is he getting in the robot, or is the robot coming out of him??)

(Shinji fantasised about his retirement - I have just retired)

(Utsutsu, from Pupa - not Shinji, as this represented my feelings approaching retirement)

(Just sometimes, when things go right, Shinji can relax)

(Shinji is apprehensive, maybe even scared of what might soon come)

(Rest now - after the egg hatches, you'll have no more peace)

(Rage and frustration - prompted by DAESH)

("Hey!!! Misato!!!!!")

("Don't look at me! I can't face it! Let me hide!")

(Who is this guy, anyway??)

(Poor wee laddie; doesn't yet know what fate has in store for him)

(Yes, Asuka?!)

(Oh Kaworu! - for robersora)

(Shinjiquarium in EoE)

(The artist of this believes his image was the inspiration for Sadamoto's)

(At the end of the manga)





(Thoughtful Shinji as he starts to find his way - see Afterwards...)

(Shouma from Mawaru Penguindrum, not Shinji!)

(Shinji's sad reflection - see Afterwards...)

(Misato's confusion - see Afterwards...)

(Rejecting Kaworu - see Afterwards...)

(Nurturing new life - see Afterwards...)

("I am become Death" - see Afterwards...)

(Shinji Potter)

("Give me back Ayanami!")

(Shinji? from the 2014 Khara calendar)

(Sakura places a flower in memory of Shinji after his suicide)

(Shinji and Rei shake hands in farewell after he rejects instrumentality in the manga)

(The death of Kaworu in Q)

(Rescuing Rei at the end of Ha)

My EGF user images in reverse order: